Martin Luther – 500 Reformation

Martin Luther – 500 Reformation

Every Year on October 31, Martin Luther’s recorded posting of the 95 theses on the door of the Wittenberger castle church celebrates its anniversary. While celebrations in earlier centuries were kept national and confessional, the upcoming anniversary of the Revolution ought to be shaped by openness, freedom and ecumenism. In 2017 we aren’t just celebrating 500 years of the Reformation, but we are also reminded of the role the Reformation played in the development of the modern age. Therefore, the impulses that had effects even reaching into our modern age will gain center stage. What started in Wittenberg in the 16th century changed Germany, Europe and the whole world. 

That’s why the anniversary in 2017 is going to be celebrated as a global community from Tierra del Fuego to Finland, from South Korea to North America, in contrast to all the Luther and Reformation anniversaries before. International projects, such as traveling exhibitions and choirs, the corporation of charities and pastorates abroad, international congresses and tourism and much more bear witness to the worldwide dimensions of this anniversary.

Martin Luther – 500 Reformation

Day 1: Berlin

Welcome to the German capital. Transfer to your hotel. Time for leisure while you get used to a new time zone.

Dinner and Overnight at Penta Hotel Berlin Teltow****.

Day 2: Berlin- Wittenberg

After a guided city tour in Berlin carry on to Wittenberg. Welcome to the city of the Reformation, the workplace of Martin Luther, Philipp Melanchthon, Johannes Bugenhagen, the artists Lucas Cranach the Elder and the Younger and many others, UNESCO World Heritage since 1996. Come with us to visit the largest Museum of the History of the Reformation in the world and be awed by the historical flair of this town. In 1996 the Luther sites in Wittenberg were added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Dinner and overnight in Hotel Maritim 4****  Halle.

Martin Luther – 500 Reformation
Martin Luther – 500 Reformation

Day 3: Wittenberg - Eisleben

Continue to Eisleben, Martin Luther´s town, UNESCO World Heritage; a historic city on the Eastern edge of the Harz Mountains. The town’s over 1000 years of history have been dominated by the local mining industry which had been the original source of Eisleben’s prosperity. Eisleben’s greatest son, Martin Luther, was born here and also died here. Undertake a  guided sightseeing tour of the town’s churches and UNESCO World Heritage sites, the house where Martin Luther was born, the church of the Sts Peter & Paul, the historic market square with the Luther monument and the house where Martin Luther died. On the way back to Wittenberg stopover at Wörlitzer Park. The Wörlitz Park is part of the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in November 2000. It’s time to explore the garden, the castle, the gothic house or Island Stone.

Dinner and overnight Hotel Maritim 4**** Halle.

Day 4: Wittenberg/Halle - Eisenach

Departure for Eisenach, another UNESCO World Heritage. After lunch your guide will show you 850 years if history which you will experience through beautiful buildings from various epochs and through stories of famous personalities. Martin Luther lived here for three years as a school boy and later on for another 300 days on Wartburg Castle. Wartburg Castle inspired Wagner to write his opera “Tannhäuser” and Goethe often visited Eisenach. “The area is overwhelming”, he wrote to Charlotte von Stein in 1777, and Luther called it the “beloved city”.

Dinner and overnight Penta Hotel, 4**** Eisenach.

Martin Luther – 500 Reformation
Martin Luther – 500 Reformation

Day 5: Cronach - Coburg

After crossing the Thuringian Forest this morning we will reach Northern Bavaria. Before travelling to Coburg, there will be a stop in Kronach. Being an ensemble monument surrounded by a completely preserved town wall, this city fascinates by its late middle-age character. Lucas Cranach, the famous painter and Luther´s friend, was born here. Before leaving to Wittenberg, Lucas adopted the name of his home town as his last name. After a walk through the beautiful historic centre continuation to Coburg, another beautiful North Bavarian town, rich in art, castles, palaces and historical buildings.

The history of Coburg spans over 750 years and Martin Luther was one of its most famous residents. During a guided tour visit Coburg’s attractions, such as Schloss Ehrenburg Palace, Callenberg Castle and the ’Hofgarten’. You can also see Luther’s room and the Lutheran Chapel in the Fortress ‘Veste’ Coburg as well as St Moritz’ church.

Dinner and overnight NH Hotel Nürnberg, 4****.

Day 6: Nuremberg

Stop this morning at Goebel in Rödental, the birth-place of the famous Hummel figures. Look over the artists´ shoulders at Goebel and experience creation of Hummel figurines life. Afterwards continue to Nuremberg, the largest city of Bavaria in second place. This nearly 1000 year-old city and its Gothic churches in the historic centre, romantic half-timbered houses and beautiful hidden squares create an unforgettable atmosphere. Nuremberg was the home of renaissance artists like Veit Stoss and Albrecht Duerer and it is the town where the Reformation was introduced first. During a guided tour we will show you Lazarus Sprengler´s House (council scribe and promoter of the reformation in Nuremberg), the Melanchthon Monument at the previous humanistic High School of Egidienberg, the Reformation Memorial Church as well as the Renaissance Town Hall and the Albrecht Duerer House. In the afternoon take the chance to visit the German National Museum where you will find information about Luther in Nuremberg.

Dinner and overnight NH Hotel Nürnberg, 4****.

Martin Luther – 500 Reformation
Martin Luther – 500 Reformation

Day 7: Nuremberg - Regensburg

This morning departure for Regensburg, situated at the northernmost point of the Danube and with its striking silhouette of defiant tower constructions – the beautiful Cathedral and the lofty lineage towers – it is the best preserved medieval city of Germany and UNESCO World Heritage. The historically significant religious talks between Dr. Eck and Philipp Melanchthon took place here, in Regensburg, from 1541 to 1546. Join us for a guided tour of this “most Italian city North of the Alps” and discover such renowned sights as the gate to the Roman Castra Regina, Porta Praetoria and the Old Stone Bridge. Then visit the Cemetery of Emissaries and the Trinity Church (for the emissaries of the everlasting Reichstag (1663-1806) who died here) as well as the Cathedral of St Peter and Basilica and crypts of St Emmeram. After lunch at the historic ‘Sausage Kitchen’, the oldest sausage kitchen in the world, we take the boat for a river cruise on the Danube to Walhalla. The doric temple overlooks the Danube and was built for King Ludwig I taking the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens as a model. It contains the marble busts of famous artists and scientists, including that of Martin Luther.

Dinner and overnight Hansa Apart-Hotel Regensburg, 4****.

Day 8: Augsburg - Munich

This morning we continue to Augsburg, founded over 2000 years ago under the Roman Emperor Augustus. The imperial city had its economic heydays during the 15th and 16th centuries due to its prosperous international trade and the banking trade of the merchant families Fugger and Welser. Augsburg is the city where during the reformation the protestant confession “Confessio Augustana” was proclaimed for the first time and where heated debates were carried out between the papal legates and Luther in parliament. On a guided tour visit the Luther Stairs inside St Anna church, the ‘Annahof Lutherhoefle’ and Martin Luther’s “Da hinab” as well as the Renaissance Town Hall and the “Fuggerei”. Then continue to Munich.

Dinner and overnight Holiday Inn München, 4****.

Martin Luther – 500 Reformation
Martin Luther – 500 Reformation

Day 9: Munich

Munich has a lot to offer for all ages and tastes. Whether you are interested in history, architecture or art; whether you enjoy strolling through parks, fancy a shopping tour or long for a visit to one of Munich’s famous traditional beer gardens, you’ll always find something exciting in this multi-faceted city. We reach Munich at noon, just in time to see the Glockenspiel (Carillon) in the new Town Hall Tower. The Munich carillon is the largest one in Germany. When the mechanism is activated (at 11 am, noon and 5 pm), brightly colored figures in enameled copper emerge. They are nearly life size and perform the traditional Coopers’ Dance and a jousting match. Then, undertake a guided tour of Munich.

Dinner and overnight Holiday Inn München, 4****. 

Day 10: Return journey

Depending on your departure flight time you will be transferred to Munich International Airport for your return flight.

Martin Luther – 500 Reformation


Board and Accommodation:

  • 9x accommodation at the a.m. or similar hotels
  • 9x buffet breakfast
  • 9x dinner at the hotel
  • 1x lunch in Regensburg
  • 1x boat trip to Walhalla

Private modern coach with air conditioning and WC, as follows:

  • Transfers In/Out and circular tour in modern tour coach with air-conditioning and WC.

English speaking local guides as follows:

  • 1 x tour guide for half-day sightseeing in Berlin
  • 1 x tour guide for sightseeing in Wittenberg
  • 1 x tour guide for sightseeing in Eisleben
  • 1 x tour guide for sightseeing at Wörlitzer Park
  • 1 x tour guide for sightseeing in Eisenach
  • 1 x tour guide for sightseeing in Coburg
  • 1 x tour guide for sightseeing in Nuremberg
  • 1 x tour guide for sightseeing in Regensburg
  • 1 x tour guide for sightseeing in Augsburg
  • 1 x tour guide for sightseeing in Munich

Admission to:

  • Luther´s houses in Eisleben
  • Wörlitzer Park Castle, gothic house and Island Stone
  • Wartburg Castle
  • Fortress Coburg
  • Walhalla
  • Town Hall in Augsburg
  • Fuggerei Augsburg

Your Tour Includes:

  • Land Transportation in modern  air-conditioned tour coach
  • Local guides for major attractions and city tours
  • Accommodations (double and single occupancy) in four star Hotels
  • Meals as indicated in the itinerary
  • Admission to all activities indicated in the itinerary except those listed as optional
  • All taxes for provided services

Your Tour Does Not Include:

  • Airfare (Please see our link to
  • Meals not indicated on itinerary
  • Beverages, except with breakfast
  • All tour tips for driver and guide (End of tour gratuity for coach driver and tour guide)
  • Personal item fees such as passport fees. (Passport must be valid for 6 months beyond return date.)
  • Optional insurance for health, baggage and cancellation. (This insurance is available and recommended. If wanted please contact us.)
  • Luggage handling
  • Related taxes, fees and fuel charges

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