Why should I choose German Heritage Travel?

Good Value
We provide you with our excursion program a consistently excellent price-performance ratio. There are no hidden extras, entrance fees, fees etc.. if not explicitly mentioned otherwise, included in the trip price. Convenient and reliable means of transport are a matter of course. Check with local guides is competent guides who bring you their home with much expertise and love of detail closer.


German Heritage Travel and selected local partner agencies plan for you
To ensure that your trip is a memorable experience, we are working in the various destinations with experienced supliers together, and this often for many years. The local suppliers have compiled the most beautiful destinations for you and carefully prepared to carry out the trips. They are accompanied by your tour guide during the booked trip. In the selection and implementation of all trips the safety of our guests takes precedence of course.

English and German speaking travel guides
Typically multilinguale speaking guides are used in all regions . Should this not be in exceptional cases even possible, be accompanied by a German Heritage Travel-rep or staff  who handles the translation.

Individual advice:

The employees of German Heritage Travel cater to needs and know exactly where the desired travel at the best conditions can be found.

Additional information:

The customer receives important information on travel requirements and about the culture, or conduct in the desired destination.


The staff of German Heritage Travel knows all products and gives advice of the experience of their customers or even from their own experiences about destinations and hotels report.

Less time intensive:

When searching the Internet do too many things quickly. There are many providers and numerous hotels to different destinations. If you look at even the opinions of hotels (on the appropriate websites) to go quickly a few hours into the country. Even if you can comfortably book from home, the selection process at the travel agency is still faster because the professionals know exactly what they can offer and advise the customer.


If you booked your vacation by German Heritage Travel you can be sure to always have a contact person, if it does have problems on your journey.

Perfectly balanced execution of the Desk

The excursion program is coordinated with the arrival and departure times of the vessel. If they become unpredictable delays on the way German Heritage Travel guests don’t eed to worry. Guests and suppliers will be informed immediately by our travel guides in this case.